Thriving in Our Wireless World by Kristy Guest

Electric bodies in an electromagnetic world

We live in a world immersed by fields of energy created by electrically-charged particles (EMFs). We are, after all, electromagnetic beings living in an invisible rainbow of frequencies. Flora and fauna of all kinds react to, and depend on, the natural frequencies that surround us, with birds and bees using the earth’s electromagnetic fields to navigate. The earth resonates at around 7.83Hz with our brain waves resonating around that same frequency. We have evolved with these natural frequencies. We are surrounded by them. We need them.

Over the last couple of hundred years, however, humankind has been experimenting with frequencies not native to our environment. From the electricity that lights our homes and keeps us warm to, more recently, the wireless technology which allows us to keep in touch with our loved ones and do most aspects of everyday life online.

As we haven’t evolved with these human-made frequencies, they’re not recognised by our bodies and so are interpreted as stress signals with our bodies calling up their own special forces designed to protect us, which over time can drain us, leaving us open to chronic conditions.

We are often advised to eat a healthy diet and get plenty of fresh air and exercise, but, if we’re constantly exposed to unnatural electromagnetic fields then regardless of other measures taken, our bodies are always going to be striving to stay in balance. These unnatural fields are also interpreted by our bodies as light. Our pineal gland, for example, is light sensitive. So, exposure to these non-native fields inhibits the pineal gland from producing the very powerful antioxidant melatonin which, of course, contributes to the quality of our sleep. As our bodies are designed to rest and recover at night it’s crucial that our home environment is a healing one, conducive to healthy sleep.

Tuning back into nature

There are many ways we can greatly reduce our exposure to these electromagnetic fields. Turning off your Wi-Fi at night, or better still, hardwiring your internet and wireless devices will all give your body a much more peaceful environment to sleep in. Also, not sleeping with your mobile phone in your bedroom and keeping it off or on Airplane mode (making sure Wi-Fi, data and Bluetooth are all disabled) whenever possible, will all make a huge difference. There are many more positive lifestyle changes that can be implemented to enhance health whilst still enabling us to use the technology we’ve come to love.

Why not give yourself the gift of a digital detox in nature by leaving your technology at home? You’ll find yourself feeling more grounded; able to tune in and listen to your body more easily. By disconnecting from our modern world we can reconnect to the wisdom of the natural and in doing so find ways of navigating our wireless world in more harmonious ways to our own bodies and that of all of life. Nature can guide the way.